Available courses

British literature is a course which has been created to allow students to better understand the rise of the British empire and the English language, starting with early Anglo-Saxon texts such as the epic poem "Beowulf", or the lyric poem, "The Seafarer", to the illuminated manuscripts of the first monasteries. Additionally, the fabled adventures of "Sir Gawain & the Green Knight" and King Arthur will be explored as a precursor to themes of courtly love, chivalry, and honor. 

American literature is a course designed to enable students to investigate key American figures and writers. This literary journey will begin in pre-colonial times with the Native American origin myths, the diaries and essays of the first occupants at Jamestown, Virginia and the Plymouth Bay colony in Massachusetts, through to the highly charged writings of the post-modern contemporary era. A wide range of authors, artists, and social activists from past to present will serve as a medium to examine the ideals of a burgeoning nation struggling to define itself and establish its place on the global stage.

World Literature is an introductory survey course which will examine various global cultures through the lens of the great artists, writers, and philosophers of the day. Students will engage with literary works and other cultural artifacts ranging from novels, monographs, essays, short stories, journals, poetry, works of art, etc. to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how social, political, and historical forces propelled these innovators to become agents of change.